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Friday, October 16, 2009

How to experience peace in troubled times

During the course of our lifetime, we experience many different situations; some of them at times shake the foundation of our faith and give us a new perspective on life. Many times we take our eyes off our peace and become mesmerized by the overwhelming wave surge of our troubled times. But when we look within, we experience peace even in the middle of our storms.

Perhaps you may be facing problems with creditors or a pending medical result or an illness - whatever the situation, turning to the peace within gives you a place of refuge and comfort, a place of satisfaction and wisdom for direction.

How to experience the peace within troubled times

1) Look within and find the place of peace within

We all have a place of peace within us and we can only experience it if we take the time away from the noise to silently turn our minds and inner eyes inward to be fully focused on peace.

2) Release all the mental stress and fear

As you look within, focusing your mind and attention on peace, all mental stress and fear is released in exchange for peace. Allow these thoughts of peace to fill your mind. Visualization provides additional help needed to generate the feelings of peace and tranquility, e.g. seeing yourself lying on a beach or listen to music, whatever works for you. The point is to identify and experience that feeling of peace within.

3) Listen for the answer

You have a clear mind when you are in a place of peace. With this clarity, you're able to hear on a deeper level. Ideas and solutions come to you in the place of peace. The more you practice being in peace and letting it become a habit, the easier it will be to access the inner wisdom. Many of my inspiration come when I'm either in the shower or doing dishes. I use the opportunity to center myself in peace, and with a clear mind, I'm able to pull up on inspired thoughts, insights and solutions.

4) Act from a place of peace

Many times our response to troubled times comes out of fear. But as we learn to master the art of connecting with our inner peace, we begin to look within for the peaceful response, and then allow that response to be manifested in our outward words and actions.

If you're not acting from a place of peace, you've move out of your place of power. Never underestimate the power of peace. It provides the necessary energy needed to overcome any situation you'd ever encounter and the clarity needed to unlock the door and access divine wisdom.


  1. You're speaking my language! I'm sharing a message this weekend at our Peace Festival.

  2. Thanks. All the best with your message. May you be filled with wisdom and inspiration as you bless the people.


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