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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Keep your dream alive regardless of the obstacles!

Now that the season has changed, we've downsized and moved our outdoor garden indoors. Very small comparison to the huge garden, but enough to do what we want for the winter. Not because the season has changed means that we completely give up on our gardening endeavours.

Regardless of what you encounter in the pursuit of your dream, you can find ways to keep the dream alive in spite of the external conditions. When you are determined to succeed, creativity comes alive to make way for the manifestation of your dream. You may need to change the way you're doing things, you may need to work on a smaller scale, like our indoor garden. But small steps are better than no steps at all. As long as you keep the momentum going, even with smaller steps, you'll reach the finish line.

Instead of looking at your situation with despair, and focusing on what you've lost, look for a way to keep the dream alive. It may not be business as usual, like our larger scale garden, but you can still reap a harvest and enjoy the rewards of the work you've put into it. Had we not started an indoor garden, we would have to wait until spring to begin planting again. This way, during the winter, we could still enjoy having green onions, thyme and Swiss chard and be thankful for the daily harvest.

What could you do differently faced with adversity? What creative juices could you pull up on to get you through this time to help you keep your dream alive?

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