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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Look for the diamonds in the rough - Pt. 4 - Within yourself

Getting my body back - Day 143

Within our inner being lies many untapped treasures. We've been conditioned to deal with our circumstances from an external perspective - i.e. complain, worry, react with anger etc. - instead of tapping into our internal resources, the diamonds that lie within - our spiritual connection.

Because this internal connection has been marred by external debris in the form of our perception of our personal negative experiences, this inner connection - the rough - needs to be cleared so we can tap into the wisdom of the Spirit. The brilliance of our inner light begins to shine from within revealing the hidden beauty.

As we look to the diamonds within, we begin to see ourselves and others in a different light and merge with the beauty of the fruit of the Spirit that has waited for the opportunity to emerge.

We handle situations differently and live life with direction and purpose.

Look within in meditation and contemplation and merge with the Living Spirit of your inner being and let these unique diamonds shine.

Fuelling words: I look within and merge with the Spirit of Life and allow the brilliance to shine out.

Workout - walking, weight training

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