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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Look for the diamonds in the rough - Pt. 2 - Relationships

Getting my body back - Day 141

As we look into our relationships for the hidden gems, we learn to appreciate our loved ones. The short-comings of our loved ones seem to grow larger to the point of diminishing the value and importance of their strengths when we focus only on their short-comings.

Focusing on the strengths of others empower them to reach higher and become the best they can be. Sometimes our loved ones just need us to believe in them and love them regardless of their imperfections, their roughs.

Whatever we give to others, like a circle, comes back to us. We each have our own short-comings and appreciate it when others build us up and recognize the strengths in us. Why not try to do the same to others as well? We could spend our time nit picking at every fault but we rob ourselves from the unique beauty that we each hold. This beauty can only be found and seen as we look closely with the intention of finding those outstanding qualities that lay dormant in another just waiting for the opportunity to be polished and therefore shine.

Polishing another person's diamonds could take the form of praise; recognizing that they have something to offer, perhaps something that they themselves failed to see within them.

Make it your deliberate aim to seek out those diamonds in the roughs in your loved ones and before long you'll begin to see them in a different light, and who knows, you'll begin to see the small sparkle within yourself - signs of hidden diamonds in the rough just waiting to be polished.

Fuelling words: I look for the diamonds in others and appreciate them for it and at the same time recognizing that I have untapped treasures waiting to be extracted.

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