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Friday, October 2, 2009

How to walk as exercise to maximize workout efforts

Getting my body back - Day 139

Walking is a great cardiovascular exercise which gets the blood pumping and fat burning. But how do you walk as exercise to maximize your workout efforts with walking?

Get your mind into your workout

You get better results when your mind is consciously involved in your workout and you're not just going through the motion. Being in the Now allows you to focus on and activate the muscles to effectively burn calories.

Get the arms involved

Brisk walking quickly gets you into the fat burning zone. However, when the arms are bent and engaged in swinging mode - back and forth - it takes walking to another level. Pay attention to the arms as they move back and forth. You'll feel the muscles in the upper back, chest, waist and shoulders working.

Tone the abs

Pay attention to you posture; tummy in, chest up and shoulders back as you contract the abs and engage these muscles.

Deep breathing

Remember to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. I found that when I neglected my breathing I begin to feel pain in my upper abs. As I resumed my deep breathing, the pain subsided.

Tone the legs and butt

As you walk, make sure you step on your heel first, contract the leg, thigh and butt muscles with each step. Focus on the muscles as you push off on each step. These really work to tighten the muscles in the butt and it works even better when you're walking uphill.

Add your own variations to these tips, for instance, you could lift each leg a little higher for extra exertion.

Fuelling words: As I walk, I breathe in fresh air and release tension.

Workout: walking, step exercise, weight training

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