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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What did Lincoln, Jesus and Henry Ford have in common?

What makes the powerful powerful?

There is NOTHING beyond your reach when you know how to influence those above, around and beneath you. “360 Degree Influence” is the #1 secret of the powerful, from presidents to prophets.

New York Times bestselling author Harrison Monarth has coached Members of the U.S. Congress, NASA executives, international diplomats and countless Fortune 500 leaders. Now it’s your turn to master 360 DEGREE INFLUENCE!

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“Your ability to influence and persuade others is the single most important skill for success . . . and this book shows you how with simple, powerful, practical, and proven techniques.”
—Brian Tracy, #1 Bestselling Author and Coach

ANYONE can benefit from 360 Degree Influence . . . whether you are:

• In a work environment with people above and beneath you
• Someone who wants more influence among friends or social group
• A member of a committee, charity, PTA or other group
• An entrepreneur, building or running a business
• A mom or dad wanting respect from kids, spouse and relatives

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