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Friday, March 9, 2012

Losing Hope? Want to Soar High In Your Faith? Try These 8 Resources (Your Weekend Homework)

One of my subscribers sent me an email for help on the subject of "the Spirit backing me". "I do not want to waiver in anyway as regards to my faith, but sometimes I find myself losing hope. I really want to soar higher in my faith. Alicia, please help me also in this area."

If you're struggling in this area as well, you may find the resources I provided useful. Here's your weekend homework. 

Now it's time to live your life.

You need to become very clear on what it is you want to achieve right now in your life.

If you were to create a picture, what would it look like?

So I'm including some resources/articles that will get you on track to deepen your spiritual connection
and go in the direction you want to.

Study them carefully and apply them to your life.

Article #1 - You - The Gatekeeper of Your Life

Article #2 - Unleashing the Greatness Within You

Article #3 - Empowerment - 7 Step Process to Get What You Want

Article #4 - Are You Walking With Spirit Power?

It's really important that you spend time with the Spirit to develop your spiritual connection.

Article #5 - Meditation, Gratitude, Forgiveness - The Beautiful Triangle To Attract More Joy Into Your Life

Article #6 - Spirituality - 4 Simple Steps to Deepen Your Spiritual Connection

Article #7 - Self-Empowerment Checklist - Don't Start Your Day Without It

Article #8 - Meditation - Do This Once A Day And Get All The Energy You Need (My Favourite Strategy)

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  1. Hi Alicia...Under # 7, I love the thought that the day is filled with "endless opportunities." Thank you for always wanting to share and help others. Susan


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