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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Is Your Resistance to Change Keeping You From Manifesting Your Desires?

Often times we're stuck in our lives because of our resistance to change. We want to manifest our desires but are not open to what the Spirit has to offer or what's put in front of you help you move forward toward the change you want to manifest. 

Many times we'd rather stay in our comfort zones hoping that things will turn around rather than taking the risk to get what we truly desire.

Change is not always easy nor is it always convenient but it's always rewarding and can be beneficial. We're often afraid to change, afraid of the unknown. But it's the stepping out that things begin to unfold and a new life begins.

And if you are really ready (and please be honest) then Kristen is ready to go all in with you!

Listen, I know Kristen's Go Big Now! VIP Program will give you the tools, knowledge and accountability you need to get a massive jump start.

I'm going to be completely honest with you here...

The Go Big Now! VIP Program costs money...

But Kristen has made sure it will cost you much less than what it would for you to get a mocha latte or any other crazy coffee drink every day.

She's not looking to get you into the program and then hope you forget that you are in it while you keep paying money...

And she'll even let you use the entire program (including the group calls with her) Risk Free for 2 whole months. If you don't like it or use it she'll give you your money questions, no pressure, no stress...that's it!

Go Big!


  1. It's true that resistence to change is stullifying, Alicia. But I do believe that all change, even if painful, is good. Thanks for sharing. Susan

  2. You're welcome Susan and so true. Our pain is also the sign of our resistance to change and unfortunately it is our pain that causes us to pay close attention to the change process. We know something is happening that challenges the comfort zone and many times we kick against it. I believe that if we were to let go and just relax - go with the flow, change becomes a happy process.


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