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Monday, March 12, 2012

Keys to Successful Living and Stress Management – Part 3

7 Ways to Be Yourself - Don't Work So Hard To Impress Others

 Having trouble being yourself? Being yourself is a whole lot easier than being what you're not and a lot less stressful. 

Trying to act other than who you are to impress other people takes more energy than it's worth. Because the people who you're trying to impress often change their minds leaving you scrambling to figure out what to do to impress them and at same time taking you further away from the authenticity of you.

Let's look at 7 ways use could use right now to be what you really are so you don't have to succumb to impressing others to feel good about yourself.

#1 - Schedule time for self-discovery

In order to be who you really are, you have to first know yourself and that means you need to spend time in self-discovery. We often set time aside for other less important events in our lives while the most important often takes a backseat. Find your strengths. Know your weaknesses and look for ways to strengthen them. Self-discovery is the foundation for your personal growth. You can build from there.

#2 - Change your perspective 

You are great. Consciously identify yourself with greatness. No one is better than you so you don't need to impress others to feel good about you. You were already given the stamp of approval when you were created.

#3 - Appreciate you

Appreciate all of you, even those areas that you're not totally impressed with. For in accepting all of you, as you are, is where you find your freedom to explore and express yourself without looking for others to approve of you.

#4 - Connect inside to your truth

What is right for you? What is your inner spirit saying to you? This will come as you spend time in quietness with the Spirit. Spiritual development builds your confidence because you no longer depend on sources outside yourself for what you need. You have all the wisdom, knowledge, approval and everything else inside of you.

#5 - Be comfortable in your own skin

Relax in you. As you deepen your spirituality you’ll find that you become calmer. You struggle less with trying to impress others because you create a mental shift of what you consider as important.

#6 - Value other's opinion, but value your own as well

If you're in the habit of putting other's opinion above your own, even if you don't feel right about what they're saying to you, then you need to take a closer look at this behaviour and change it. What you think about your own life has equal value and even greater value than others.

#7 - Let go of your fear

Trust your inner guidance. Are you afraid that you may be wrong? In the process of developing trust to follow your inner guidance it is possible to make mistakes along the way. But don’t let that deter you from taking the stand to be confident in being you. 


  1. That is a very good list, indeed, Alicia. Thanks. Susan


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