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Friday, March 16, 2012

Lack of Self-Confidence Keeping You Stuck? (Your weekend homework)

If you are struggling with self-confidence when it comes to succeeding to achieve your goals, then this is for you.

One of my subscribers sent me an email asking about being more confident to achieve goals relating to being successful with his studies and struggling with remembering past mistakes.

I hope you’ll use the information I’ve shared to help you reach your goals and free yourself from your past mistakes.

Here’s my answer, along with some resources for you to put to use over the weekend.

One of the interesting things in life is that mistakes and failures are part of our growth process. The thing is, we often look at it from a negative point of view instead of seeing the positive and the lessons we can learn from our mistakes and failures.

If you were to shift your thinking and look at your mistakes as pointers to improve and use them as stepping stones for success then you'll find that you can be encouraged to continue to move toward your goal.

Let me use a practical example. When you were a baby and you first started learning to walk, you fell many times didn't you? Sure you did. Sometimes you fell so hard, perhaps bumped your head, you cried but you didn't give up. You kept going, tried again and now today you've mastered the art of walking.

Here's another one. You typed this email to me, correct? When you first started to learn to type, didn't you make mistakes, perhaps a lot of them? Right? Well that didn't stop you. You just figured out that the mistake you made was not the correct way to type and you corrected it, didn't you?

Well it's the same thing with what you're doing now. In order to perfect your studies in English, you need to see that each error you make is an opportunity to correct it and get better at learning English. Learn from it. Master it and keep moving forward.

A baby never says I'll not walk anymore because it's too hard or I'm afraid to fall or other people will laugh at me. That's a learned behaviour and one that our society has adopted as a behaviour. But that's not who we are when we were first born. So, just remember that whenever you feel like giving up and as you continue towards your goal.

I've included 3 resources here for you to help build your self-confidence.

How To Develop Self-Confidence To Get What You Want

4 Simple Steps To Being Self-Confident and Make Your Dreams Come True

7 Steps to Master Your Self-Talk To Create A Positive Self-Image

I hope these are useful to you.

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