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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This book shows that by linking purpose, passion, and people together we can achieve productivity, profit and prosperity!

I just found a book I think you'll love. If you are longing for a better life at both home and work, this book will inspire you!

Inspired by the world around him, the author, Kamran Akbarzadeh, says, “I wrote this book to convey a profound message to you: that by linking purpose, passion, and people together we can achieve productivity, profit and prosperity - and by that I mean prosperity in its broadest form, which is richness in our lives.

Together we can raise the consciousness of humanity and manifest a new world full of peace, love, and light.”

Leadership Soup provides you a healthy yet tasty recipe for living on purpose and leading on purpose. It helps you become a profound and authentic leader who leads with the heart and empowers others to soar to greatness no matter who they are and what they do. Containing insights, concepts, tools, and solutions, this book helps you and your team, family or organization to:

· attain productivity, profit, and prosperity by linking purpose, passion, and people;
· improve communication, teamwork, and performance;
· communicate your vision and motivate others to take massive action toward achieving it;
· build your trust among people in your team/organization;
· recognize your limiting beliefs and transform them to empowering ones;
· empower people to do more than what they think they can do and inspire them to work with integrity and passion;
· guarantee long-lasting success with inspired people in your team/organization.

Leadership Soup reminds you that people need to be valued; their voices need to be heard; and their potential needs to be developed.

Whether you are a business owner, employee, entrepreneur, coach, corporate executive, consultant, student, parent, experienced leader, or apprentice, Leadership Soup can act as a catalyst for the positive changes you need to make in yourself and others.

And, in addition to this amazing book, you'll receive dozens of amazing downloadable bonus gifts donated by the author's friends and colleagues. Check out the book:

Even more, once you purchase the book the author has two great surprises for you that you don’t want to miss out.


  1. Hi Alicia...The book sounds good. Also liked your post from yesterday, with the four pointers. Take care and hope your day today is excellent. Susan from

  2. Thanks Susan. Check it out. Enjoy your day.


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