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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Empowerment - 3 Mistakes People Make In A Bad Economy & What To Do Instead

Everywhere you go you hear a lot of talk about the economy; how many people have lost their jobs or how difficult it is to get a job, and how prices are being affected by the bad economy. Now, you can decide to get deeper into the discussion or you can create your own economy. 

Here are 3 mistakes that people make in a bad economy, see if you're making any of them, then look at what you can do instead to turn things around in your life.

Mistake #1 - Become engulfed in the bad news

Are you absorbing all of the negative information that's being reported by news, friends and family and other people around you? How is all this information affecting you? What images are they creating in your mind, what pictures are you constantly absorbing that's being embedded into your subconscious? 

Do Instead - Turn off the negative information

If it's something that you need to know, it will come to you. Otherwise, turn it all off. There's always something negative on the news so why become so wrapped up with it. Instead, find something uplifting to listen to, to watch, to talk about or even sing about. You'll begin to see how this simple step will lift your emotions and put you into a positive vibration.

Mistake #2 - Become afraid

Are you becoming afraid of what might happen to you and your family because of what's going on in the economy? Fear will sabotage any progress you're making and weaken you from the inside if you allow it to and also block any inspired ideas from coming to you. 

Do Instead - Draw your strength and courage from the Unlimited Supply

Remember, all things are created from the invisible/spiritual realm where our supply is unlimited. If you look only at what you have or on what's available on the physical plane you'll become discouraged and afraid. But if you look to the eternal supply - that which has no end - you know that you will always have enough and armed with that knowledge what you need will manifest itself.

Mistake #3 - Identify with scarcity or lack

Do you identify and own the bad economy as a reason for lack or scarcity in your life? Do you go like, "Yeah, I don't have this or that because of the bad economy?" Or, "If the economy wasn't this bad then I'd get a good or better job?" That's considered acceptance and identification with what's going on, on the physical plane. 

Do Instead - Change your perspective

Instead of seeing the bad economy as the reason for your lack of success, change your identity and association to being open to the abundance of the Great Universal Realm. Don't limit yourself because you think that the economy has anything to do with your success or failure. Think of your life as being abundant, decide what you want to experience, express that and fill your thoughts with what you want to manifest and let your actions follow in the direction you want to go. 

Try these 'Do Instead' steps and make them work for you. You don't have to be stuck because of external conditions. There's a never ending supply waiting for you.

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