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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Action Thursday - 4 Action Steps to Become Self-Empowered Even in a Bad Economy

Bad economic conditions will not dictate our results if we decide to approach things from the unlimited supply of the Great Universal Spirit. Often times we allow our mindset to be shaped by our adversities and not the other way around. What happens then is that we create a vicious cycle of the same negative seed thoughts which lead to the same negative fruit results.

So what can you do to become self-empowered regardless of the bad economy and create the results you desire to have manifested in your life? Apply these 4 actions steps right away:

Action Step #1 - Focus your mindset on success

Believe that you can have the success that you so desire and focus your attention only on that. Each day remind yourself that you will succeed whether it's in your business, career or finding the job you desire. See yourself succeeding and let that be your mental target, the final result of your physical outcome.

Action Step #2 - Steer clear of negativity or failure thinking

If you surround yourself with negativity - negative self-talk, negative conversation with others or listening to it - you will attract the same in your experience. Move away from it. Shift your thinking and your self-talk will change. Watch out for the germination time - you know, the period during which you don't see the physical results you desire right away. This is where your belief comes in - know that all is working out on your behalf even if you cannot physically see it right now.

Action Step #3 - Get busy moving toward your goal

What can you do now that will get you closer to manifesting your goal? Get busy and wrap yourself up with it right now. Sitting around waiting is not the answer to getting results. If you're not sure what to do just stop and ask within and wait for the answer. If you're still unsure, know that your answer will show up and keep your eyes open and pay attention. It will come.

Action Step #4 - Be Persistent and determined

Don't take no for an answer. So, you didn't do as well as you expected today. Get back up and keep pressing forward. Tweak your actions if you must but keep pressing forward. You will get to the end if you stay focused. If you need help, ask within for the help you need and watch as the chosen helper shows up.

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