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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Look for and Embrace the Colour in your Life to Bring Out the Unique in You

Our world is filled with colours everywhere. And now that fall is here you can see nature displaying colours of bright yellows and red amidst the rich green. As we leave the summer colours behind - the flowers around, beautiful purple, pink, red, yellow, white etc. – and head into a new season, you learn to welcome and embrace each change.

Check out the colours of the insects – butterflies and bees. What about the varying colours of animals. The rainbow displays the primary colours of nature, the sun its brilliant yellow, the moon borrowing off the sun’s rays to light up the sky with bright white. Isn’t nature beautiful? Life is not dull and boring; even the browns of nature creates a balance and acts as an enhancer of the more brilliant tones. Everything has its place and purpose.

Today’s Featured Item is a ladies crocheted hat with beige as its main colour representing the grounding tone of the earth’s soil. The hat also has multi-colours of red, gold, green and white representing some of earth’s radiant colours.

Today's Unique Feature

Each week in this ‘Bringing Out the Unique in You’ training series I’ll be showcasing Unique Hand-crafted Items all created and designed by my daughters and me.

These are one of a kind; no two items are ever the same and you’ll not find these in stores anywhere. Each item is specifically designed to bring out the unique in you.

When you purchase one of these items for yourself or for a special person in your life, use this as a symbol to be reminded each day of how unique you are. 

Crocheted Ladies' Hat

Beige with multi-coloured (red, gold, green and white)

Made from 100% acrylic yarn

Sale Price:$35.00

**Item takes approximatetly 10 shipping days.

Your life is also filled with many tones and shades, never a consistently dull moment. As each season of nature brings in new colours of various shades, so do the seasons of your life bring in new adventure with new life lessons to help you grow and become stronger spiritually, mentally and physically.

Even though we may not necessarily be looking forward to the cooler weather, if we were to enjoy the present and look for the miracles and blessings of each season and all the changes that come with it, life unfolds to us a more brilliant splendour. We begin to see life through Spirit eyes and embrace each day with renewed enthusiasm.

Everything goes in cycles, everything changes, nothing stays the same and nothing lasts forever. What we have is here and now and even though you may have gone through many fall seasons in nature, each of them is never exactly the same. Each fall comes with a slight difference from the last. It is the difference that makes the uniqueness between the same season of last year and this year’s.

Even though you’ve lived each day and each day may seem monotonous on the surface, if you take a closer look you’ll see that each day has wrapped in it its own unique adventure and lessons.

Here’s a great exercise for you to do. Begin a daily journal. Get pen and a book and each day write in it. Make sure you put the current date so that later on when you go back to read some of your past recordings you’ll know when certain things occurred.

Doing this exercise makes you more alert and pay more attention to what’s happening in your daily life. It’ll help you realize how many things you actually take for granted and how colourful your life really is.

What can you write in your journal? Life lessons that day. Interesting people you’ve met. Friends who called or came over to your home. Something interesting your children did or said that day. A desire you want manifest. A dream you had the night. What other events may be significant in your day that you can record in your journal?

Need help discovering your unique life purpose? Why not schedule a Free 30-Minute No Obligation Self-Empowerment Session with me. You’ll gain clarity and have a better perspective on things.

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