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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to Let Your Unique Light Shine Even in Darkness

Bringing Out The Unique In You

Having trouble letting your light shine? Are you feeling like you’re surrounded by too much darkness? You have a unique light that belongs to you. No one else can let your light shine but you. You must allow the inner beauty of you to flow out from within and as you allow your beauty to flow your light shines out from within.

As long as you are determined and persistent to let the light that’s within you shine, the darkness around you will dissipate. Light and darkness cannot exist in the same space. Light will always outshine the darkness no matter how small that light may be. Light will always be seen in darkness and if you allow your light, the beauty that’s within you to grow and expand, the darkness that surrounds you will move back and away from you.

Today’s featured items 2 unisex crocheted hats, display black as the foundation colour with the bright colours of red, gold and green. The black symbolizes the darkness that surrounds you. The red, gold and green symbolize the brightness and uniqueness of the light and beauty that resides inside of you. Wearing this hat will remind you each time, no matter how dark your circumstances may seem that your light will overcome any darkness you face.

Today's Unique Feature

Each week in this ‘Bringing Out the Unique in You’ training series I’ll be showcasing Unique Hand-crafted Items all created and designed by my daughters and me.

These are one of a kind; no two items are ever the same and you’ll not find these in stores anywhere. Each item is specifically designed to bring out the unique in you.

When you purchase one of these items for yourself or for a special person in your life, use this as a symbol to be reminded each day of how unique you are. 

Unisex Crocheted Hat

Closer images below

Black with red, gold and green strip.

Made from 100% acrylic yarn

Sale Price:$35.00

**Item takes approximately 10 shipping days.

How then do you allow your light to shine?

Turn inward to the truth that’s already within you.

The Spirit waits for you to connect with your divine heritage, for you to recognize and acknowledge where your power comes from. When you become aware of your oneness with the Great Universal Spirit, you’ll realize that you’re not alone and that no circumstance has power over you. You’ll begin to experience inner peace regardless of what your eternal situation displays.

Change your perspective

Instead of looking for your external condition to improve to give you hope shift your attention onto the power and wisdom that’s already inside of you. Listen for the voice inside, that inner guidance that shows you the way out. Focus on the peace within and not on your problems. In that mindset, inspired ideas will come to you easily and effortlessly. You’ll see your way clearly and you’ll go forward confidently.

Need help discovering your unique life purpose? Why not schedule a Free 30-Minute No Obligation Self-Empowerment Session with me. You’ll gain clarity and have a better perspective on things.


  1. Hello Alicia...Very uplifting post. It's true that light and darkness cannot coexist. You, too, are a light in the world. Your messages are always positive.

    Lovely hats there. Very nice!

    Hope your Thursday is delightful. Susan

    1. Thanks Susan. Hope you have a great day too.


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