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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Asking Questions and Digging Deeper to Bring Out the Unique in You

Bringing Out The Unique In You

You are an interesting being. There’s more to you than meets the eye. But you need to be first interested in you. You must be interested in digging deeper into knowing more about you – who you are, what’s your purpose, why you are here on planet earth, what makes you unique and different from others.

By asking questions, you begin the process of self-searching which leads to self-discovery and self-understanding. Questions have answers and asking the right questions brings the right answers to help clarify and define you as a divine being in this intricate tapestry of life. You are worth exploring. Stir up your childhood curiosity and ask questions.

Today's Unique Feature

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These are one of a kind; no two items are ever the same and you’ll not find these in stores anywhere. Each item is specifically designed to bring out the unique in you.

When you purchase one of these items for yourself or for a special person in your life, use this as a symbol to be reminded each day of how unique you are. 

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Everything about you leads to a greater plan - one that you may never had thought about or imagined. Don’t take your life for granted and think that you’re just here taking up space. Your space in this grand design has an ultimate purpose and it cannot be filled with anyone else but you.

What happens when you begin to ask questions?

Questions lead to answers and answers lead to understanding. Once you begin to understand, you have a clearer image of the whole scope of life. You begin to see life and yourself from a different perspective. Each day is met with renewed enthusiasm. With that understanding you can share with others around you so they too can be inspired, uplifted and transcended to a higher standard of living and life.

So what type of questions should you ask? I’ll give you two to begin with.

Observational questions

These questions come from observing your own actions and emotions. Why do I act the way I do? Why am I feeling this emotion? Then you may ask, “How can I change this emotion? How can I respond differently to this?” You see you’re paying attention to you and by paying attention and asking questions in order to improve and change your life the universal power is able to bring the answers you need to help you.

Transformational questions

Transformational questions come from looking deeper into life. You observe nature – trees, animals, the planets – and the nuggets you get from observing them inspire your own life and give you deeper understanding of living.

For example, by observing the growth process of an oak tree, you see that before the oak tree matures, it must start from a seed. The seed when sown in the soil is nurtured as it continues to grow into a seedling and overtime matures into a large tree where birds and squirrels come and find shelter and food.

You can compare this to your own life. How can I apply this to my life? What does this mean for me? How can this help me change my life from the inside out? You may use this as an analogy to help you reprogram your subconscious mind so you can create the changes you desire.

Each stage of your thoughts goes through a process of seed thought and when nurtured with your emotions and actions comes into physical manifestation over time not only benefiting and transforming your life but also influencing the life of those around you.

As stated before, questions lead to answers, answers give understanding and as a result not only is your life changed but you also influence the life of those around you. Begin to look at everything around you and instead of taking things for granted because you’ve grown accustomed to them, look for the fresh nugget each day, in each event and from each person that comes into your life.

Need help discovering your unique life purpose? Why not schedule a Free 30-Minute No Obligation Self-Empowerment Session with me. You’ll gain clarity and have a better perspective on things.

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