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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm back with Important New changes

I hope you're enjoying your summer and have taken some time to get out and enjoy nature or at least spent some time with family and friends.

As you know, I've taken some time off with my family for the past few weeks. We've been working with our girls helping them improve their vocals. Our daughters have been singing and they recently did a performance at the local Children's Art Festival which landed their photos in front page and center fold of the local newspaper.

I have a few videos of them singing on my YouTube channel and will be adding more later on at alite11 so if you want to check it out go here.

They're really getting serious about improving their talents, so we're working with them to help them be the best that they can be which will require me to free up some more time to spend with them - writing new songs, continued vocal training and attend performances as well as improving my own vocal skills.

Right now they're raising funds to purchase more instruments - guitars, mics, drums etc. So we've made some handcrafted/crocheted purses, skirts, hats and doll clothes to fund their project. I'll be showcasing some of these items online very soon.

Feel free to make a donation on my blog. You'll see the donate button on the right-hand side. I do appreciate your contribution and support.

As I free up some more of my time, I'm making some changes to how I'm working on the internet. So starting next Tuesday August 21, I'll be doing fewer weekly posts.

So keep an eye out for my next post as I'll be unveiling the new structure and training so you can continue to grow and empower yourself.


  1. Welcome back, Alicia! I was happy to see your post. Wow! Lisalee has a fabulous voice! How wonderful your girls have the joy of singing. You know I wish all of you the very best. Susan


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