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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Keys to Successful Living and Stress Management – Part 19

Delete Lies In Your System – 3 Major Lies and The Truth Uncovered

Many of the ailments that we experience in life can be traced back to the lies we have in our system – those things we have accepted as truth for our lives based on our perception of the world around us and our environmental programming.

These lies keep us from seeing what’s real and from taking the next step to living a fully enriched life. Look at the results you’re having in any area of your life and if you’re not satisfied with what you’re experiencing ask the question, “What’s the truth about this situation? Or what lies have I accepted as truth that’s keeping me from breaking free?”

By asking this question you immediately shift into being open to truth and here begins the journey of your truth-discovery.

Let’s look at 3 major lies you can begin to delete from your internal system.

Lie #1 – You are separate from God

If you think of God as being a deity somewhere out there in the great blue sky you’ve created that psychological separation between you and God. And therefore the power that belongs to God is also separate from you. So you have the tendency to expect someone up in the great somewhere to be giving you something when you have all the power that is God in you and with you – the image and likeness of God.

When you consciously bring God home – see yourself as one with God, the essence and life of God moving in and through you, the God-force being expressed in and through you, then you are open to power, change and transformation. You begin to live in and work in harmony with the Great Universal Spirit. You are part of the All.

Lie #2 – You are separate from others

Separation divides and isolates us leaving us vulnerable to all that is not pure. We are all connected on a very intangible level. And in many ways we communicate on this level as well as affect the lives of others around us.

You have the power to transform others and elevate them to a higher level through the power of love. Love is the strongest bond between us and when you choose to give love, share love, express love you are strengthening that bond between us. Not only does our bond of love heals us and unites us but it also influences and affects all life around us – plants and animals. We were created and nurtured out of love and therefore love is the bond that keeps us whole.

Lie #3 – You’re not good enough, others are better than you

When you’re feeling that you’re not good enough and feeling that others are better than you what happens here? You begin to feel that you can’t do what you set out to do in the first place. You feel like shrinking away and hide. Change that mindset.

Yes, others’ gifts may be better than yours in terms of experience – for example, if you have the talent to sing you may find that others are better than you vocally perhaps because they’ve been doing this for a long time and have more experience. But if you continue nurture and develop your gift you’ll find that you’ll bring out the best that you have to offer.

You are good enough in your own right. You are! Not what you do, but YOU. Once you stop judging yourself based on the level of physical development you’ll immediately feel uplifted and in your rightful place. Then you continue to work to enhance your other gifts. You are first the gift to humanity, to earth and your talents are physical expressions through which you express the gift of you.

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