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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Final Part of Keys to Successful Living and Stress Management – Part 20

Pray All The Time

When you learn to pray all the time you'll find that your energy remains at a higher level each and every day. Prayer does not change God. It changes you and positions you in the life-energy flow of the Great Universal Spirit and all the good that you desire. 

The key is to pray your desire - focusing on what you do want instead of putting your attention on what you don't want. Most people don't get the results they desire when they pray because they're focusing on the wrong thing which produces an energy field of negative energy that is not in alignment, on the same wave length, as their desire. So when they keep getting results they don't want they become angry with God, claiming that God does not hear their prayer but listens to others. This is a false perspective on God and on how prayer really works. 

When you pray, your attention must be on what you desire. Prayer is simply expressing your thoughts, your desires. So how do you pray all the time?

#1 - Become clear on what you want and then ask

Have a clear mental image of what you want to manifest in your life and then ask for what it is you want. You cannot be seeing or focusing on all the things that are going wrong in your life and expect the thing you desire to manifest to come into your life. It just doesn't work that way. Your attention must be on what it is you truly desire - that's the energy that you're transmitting into the universal energy field that will pull together all the resources you need to help you get what you want.

#2 - Live in the energy-field of gratitude

When you are living in the energy-field of gratitude, being thankful for what you already have as well as being thankful that what you desire is all coming together, you bring your energy level to a higher level. So instead of feeling frustrated and depressed with life, you begin to feel joyful. In this energy state, you are open to inspired ideas to help you create the results you desire in your life. 

#3 - Remain in a state of conscious inner connection

We often live our lives with our attention focused on the outward experiences in life. Practice turning inward giving your attention to your inner sanctuary - your place of peace. When you do that you immediately release your stress and all negative energy you feel on your mind and body. The more you keep that conscious inner connection as you go throughout the day, the more you are open to the flow of positive life-energy and creativity and the less stress you feel from your outward experiences.

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  1. Hi Alicia...I love that idea of focusing on SEEING what one wants to manifest. That was very good. All your posts are very good and extremely helpful. Thanks. Susan


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