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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Are you writing your life story every day?

Bringing Out The Unique In You

Each day you have a chance to write your story and create your new adventure. You can choose to write it yourself or have someone else do it or choose for you. But whatever the decision it will be your choice to make and the outcome will depend on that choice - the way you choose to respond to each situation that comes your way.

Your life on earth is a short story in the grand scope of the universal plan. And as the author of your life you choose how you want the story to go and how you want it to end.

To begin to make that choice you can begin to look at the things you like, the things you want to experience in your life and create action steps to facilitate these experiences unfolding more and more each day for you.

You can also look at the things you don't like and move away from thoughts and actions that will cause these events to manifest in your life.

You can choose each day. But you must choose. You must make a decision in favour of your dreams.

Would you like to have a short story written about you or about someone special in your life for this Valentine's day?

A personalized short story can truly express to your loved one how much they mean to you and how important they are in your life. What better time to say it than at Valentine's.

A personalized short story can be the perfect heirloom that will be cherished for many generations to come.

Get Your Personalized Short Story Written Now!

Order before Midnight Friday February 1 and get your Valentine's Day discount today.

Today's Unique Feature

Each week in this ‘Bringing Out the Unique in You’ training series I’ll be showcasing Unique Hand-crafted Items all created and designed by my daughters and me.

These are one of a kind; no two items are ever the same and you’ll not find these in stores anywhere. Each item is specifically designed to bring out the unique in you.

When you purchase one of these items for yourself or for a special person in your life, use this as a symbol to be reminded each day of how unique you are. 

My 14 year old daughter Gracelee creates original personalized short stories. No 2 stories are ever the same because they are created just for you. Each story, is not only written by her, but is also creatively hand bound in leather, suede or jeans. Having a personalized short story for yourself or that special someone is the perfect heirloom that can be passed on for generations and cherished for a lifetime. The story is all about you.

Never had a story written about you before? Here's your chance right now in 2013 to take the first step and take a stand to have your uniqueness physically expressed in words.

Order now for
-your special pet
-or that special someone

To place your order email Gracelee Campbell at

Book size is approximately 7 1/2 inches by 4 1/2 inches.

This is the breakdown of my book pricing.
$2.50 per page for personalized short story
$10.00 for jeans cover
$15.00 for suede cover
$20.00 for leather cover
$10.00 for audio (optional)

Valentine's Day discount pricing order by Midnight Friday, February 1.

Regular Price after February 1 
(See above) 

$2.00 per page with a minimum of 10 pages
$2.00 off book covers
$1.00 off audio (optional)
Plus shipping and handling. 

To place your order email Gracelee Campbell at

Daddy's Private Investigator

This story was written for a lawyer for his Christmas present from his wife and "little girl" Peigi. The story surrounds their investigative adventures of the diamond heist.

Here's what his wife Donna Lee Barbour had to say, 

My dear friend Grace,

I am finding it difficult to write down the words I wish to use in order to adequately describe my feelings about the story you wrote.  Amazing is the least descriptive word!  I wasn't going to read it before I or should I say Peigi gave it to my husband Christmas morning.  However, temptation took me over and after picking it up I pulled into our local Sears store parking lot and read the whole book!  You could not have picked a better scenario for the story.  Both Michael and I love mystery/crime novels and with Peigi Bear "helping to solve the mystery" just endeared it more in my heart.  It was enchanting.  Loved the way you entertwined our whole family into the story.  It felt so personal reading it.

I can barely wait until Christmas morning.  THANK YOU FROM MY HEART for doing such a great job.  In the new year I will definitely have further projects for you.
Once again I wish you and all your family the Merriest Christmas ever.
Love and hugs

Donna Lee

To place your order email Gracelee Campbell at


Colette - God's Prayer Warrior

  Written for a young man who was away from home as a missionary for his beloved mother. 

  This story surrounds a  woman whose faith in God was exceedingly strong and believe in helping people in need. Her kindness brings unexpected turn of events, rewards and blessings to her entire community.

Charley The Greatest Hero

  This story was written for an 8 year old boy named Charley when he was sick with pneumonia   and he pulled through like the hero he is. The story surrounds this event in his life. 

  This is what a high school teacher had to say after reading the story, "It was refreshing to see Gracelee Campbell, a 13 year old, have such strong command of the English Language."

Farmer King

This story surrounds the adventures of a  farmer who became the Farmer King, written for a Ranch Owner for his birthday.

Here's what he and his family had to say,

"That is sharp... this story goes on and on. Good job on you. Absolutely beautiful."

I Pout

I Pout is a children's story surrounding a 6 year old girl by the name of Dalila. Delila attends school for the first time and dislikes every subject she has to do, she pouts.

Here's what a 1st grade teacher had to say about I Pout, "I would like for you to come and read your story to my Grade 1 students."

Other stories written by Gracelee E. Campbell include:

The Summer Storm
The Transformer Prince

It's your Personalized Short Story.
All Personalized Short Stories are written by Gracelee E. Campbell

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