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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Are You Enjoying the Journey to Bring out the Unique In You?

Are you feeling like you want everything in your life to be perfect right now? You know the saying, “Rome was not built in a day.” So stop being so hard on yourself. Life is a journey, not necessarily a destination. And on this journey you go through many processes of change and growth. Instead of always looking for the next big thing to happen in your life, learn to appreciate and cherish each moment. Look for the miracles in each moment. For all these life occurrences are intricately woven together to bring out the unique in you.

Today's Unique Feature

Each week in this ‘Bringing Out the Unique in You’ training series I’ll be showcasing Unique Hand-crafted Items all created and designed by my daughters and me.

These are one of a kind; no two items are ever the same and you’ll not find these in stores anywhere. Each item is specifically designed to bring out the unique in you.

When you purchase one of these items for yourself or for a special person in your life, use this as a symbol to be reminded each day of how unique you are. 

Crocheted Ladies' and Unisex Hats

Blue Crocheted Hats
Made from 100% acrylic yarn

Left hat - Double crocheted hat with single crocheted rim

Sale Price:$35.00

**Item takes approximatetly 10 shipping days.

Middle hat - Double crocheted design

Sale Price:$35.00

**Item takes approximatetly 10 shipping days.

Right hat - Single crocheted hat with scalloped loop at rim

Sale Price:$35.00

**Item takes approximatetly 10 shipping days.

Each unique crocheted item takes patience and relaxation to allow the flow of creativity to inspire and manifest into a unique design. If I am impatient as I create the design, then nothing is accomplished in this process. Each colour is carefully chosen to make sure they fit together in a beautiful blend. Each row is patiently crocheted together building the design one stitch and one row at a time until it reaches completion.

The Master Designer of your life has a great plan for you, even more beautiful than you could have ever imagined it could be. But you can only discover this beauty and enjoy the process when you become flexible in the Master Designer’s hands just as the yarn relaxes into my own. You must trust the process of creativity from the Great Mind of the Universal power.

You are more than yarn. You matter. You are important. Trust and be patient with your own development and go with the flow of the Spirit each hour of every day. Your life will be so much better if you let go and let the Master Designer unfold the beauty that’s already inside of you.

Stop trying to make it all happen all at once. You were not born today and became the man or woman you are now tomorrow. It took time. Every great thing or accomplishment took a process of time – each day a measure of that growth occurred until, before you knew it, you’re all grown up. The same process occurs with your spiritual and mental growth. But it’s worth every step and each day matters, and the cumulative growth brings the results you have now in your life.

Need help discovering your unique life purpose? Why not schedule a Free 30-Minute No Obligation Self-Empowerment Session with me. You’ll gain clarity and have a better perspective on things.

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